Kaizen Recruit is all the software you will ever need to do all your hiring. Whether you are hiring part-time workers, executives, mid-career, or new graduates, Kaizen allows you to manage it all.

Hiring with Kaizen Recruit

Kaizen Recruit enables your team to make better hires. Our software helps you pre-screen candidates effectively and efficiently. Kaizen Recruit software syncs with your own calendars and the calendars of candidates to schedule interviews seamlessly without any back-and-forth emails. This saves your team time, so you can focus on recruiting the best candidates. You can also schedule interviews for your teammates and reminders are automatically sent to all participants. Stay in-sync and on top of your daily recruiting tasks and upcoming interviews with our integrated recruiting calendar.

Pre-screening candidates is one of the most time-consuming tasks in the recruit process. Kaizen Recruit enhances pre-screening to surface viable candidates right when they apply. We do this by using customizable screening questions so qualified candidates are advanced into the interview process and disqualified candidates can be automatically rejected. You can easily capture notes related to each interview and rate the overall strength of each candidate. This breakthrough technology allows your team to provide decisive feedback for each candidate. When you use consistent criteria to evaluate top candidate, your hiring managers and recruitment teams are magically aligned to find and hire the best candidates.

Ask more insightful questions during interviews and make great hiring decisions. Video interviewing tools are an embedded part of the hiring process and don’t require a third-party integration or standalone tool. Consolidate multiple job applications and many talent touchpoints into one streamlined candidate profile. By keeping Kaizen Recruit your source of information on each candidate, you’ll have everything you need to make effective hiring decisions in one central place.

At Kaizen, we strive to continuously improve the software experience for all of our customers by regularly delivering new features and enhancements.

Applicant Tracking

Kaizen Recruit Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is simple, powerful recruiting software to help you cut recruiting costs and time-to-hire by more than 50%. Using an Applicant Tracking System allows you to establish a unified recruiting process, standardize it across your departments and achieve success.

Kaizen Recruit allows you to build custom workflows for each job opening to stay organized and focused. You see real-time analysis of the latest activities related to each candidate. Your process is stream-lined and moves your entire organization in the same direction by automatically assigning tasks. For the first time, your recruiting process functions uniformly allowing you, with Kaizen Recruit, to put your plans into action.

Video Interviews

With Kaizen Recruit, video interviews are a core part of the process and not just an after-thought. Video interviews are deeply integrated in the system so you can integrate them into your hiring process seamlessly. Kaizen Recruit video interviewing can also be used as a stand alone product for those situations when you need to process many candidates quickly and video is just the right tool for the job. Today, more than ever, the world of business is done on mobile phones. Kaizen Recruit Mobile Video Interview app allows your candidates to participate in video interviews using their mobile devices.

In summary, the Kaizen Recruit software covers all you recruiting needs in an automated, collaborative, easy-to-use solution.

Candidate Relationship Management

You can begin to work together as a true, digitally-enabled team to choose the best candidate. Recruiting as a team ensures you’re bringing top-notch talent into your organization.

Easy End-to-End Process

Kaizen Recruit takes care of the busy work and minimizes manual effort, so you can spend more time giving every candidate a best-of-company experience.

Recruiting Workflows

Track the progress of your candidates through customizable hiring stages. Or use the default Kaizen recruiting workflow.

Task Automation

Save time by automating emails and assigning tasks between recruiting stages to eliminate repetitive recruiting tasks. Review resumes, add notes, submit feedback, and more, without logging into a different systems (video interviews are included). See all candidate interactions immediately in the candidate profile view.

Collaborative Hiring

Include hiring managers and key teammates in the recruiting process from the very start, increasing your likelihood of making a great hire.

Feedback Loops

Discuss candidates by sharing important feedback and notes with your team members. You get to easily harness the team’s feedback to make the best hiring decisions. Recruit as a team to make sure that you’re bringing top-notch talent into your organization.

Email and Calendar Management

Kaizen Recruit syncs your recruitment messages and calendar on Office 365, Exchange, Google Calendar or iCloud. Interviewers’ real-time calendar availability is visible to all team members so that interviews can be scheduled directly within Kaizen Recruit. Calendars are updated automatically when candidates confirm interview times. For email efficiency, Kaizen Recruit provides a vast collection of email templates you can easily customize. You choose when candidates receive pre-drafted email responses as they progress through the recruiting process.

Track Referrals

Referrals are tough to track, but with Kaizen Recruit you can solicit candidate referrals from employees and recruitment agencies through a dedicated referral portal.

Analyze and Optimize

Kaizen Recruit provides your team with real-time statistics. You can view current and historical hiring data, application sources, page views and more in the central dashboard. You can customize the dashboard for each office and global headquarters in order to monitor recruiting performance across your organization or in specific locations.

Promote Job Openings

Kaizen Recruit allows you to launch or update your company careers site from a simple-to-create job description in just minutes.


Kaizen Recruit’s reporting engine allows you to spot inefficiencies and opportunities hidden within your recruiting process. When you can generate critical HR recruiting reports in seconds through the Kaizen reporting dashboard, your team is more likely to create solutions for recruiting.

Control User Access

Ensure critical data stays confidential with the ability to grant access to users by function, role or team in just one click.


Kaizen Recruit integrates with Gmail, Office 365, Exchange and other popular email and calendar services. We offer an API for developers and resellers looking to extend our software and connect it to other world-class systems.

Kaizen Solutions

Let the team behind Kaizen Recruit and our partners help you implement your perfect recruiting strategy and solution. To learn more, please see our Solutions section.