Let the team behind Kaizen Recruit and our partners help you implement your perfect recruiting strategy and solution.

Build, Operate, Transfer (BOT)

The Kaizen Recruit team can quickly build a world-class recruiting operation on-site at your office using our software platform and best-in-class recruiting practices. We operate the recruiting organization, with your company branding, for up to one year while your company remains focused on serving customers and growth. When you are ready, we hand the well-oiled recruiting machine over to your internal team for on-going success. Please get in touch so that we can talk about your specific needs.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Want to try Kaizen Recruit on a project without the need to train your team?
Hire a Kaizen Recruit recruiting agency partner to run an outsourced recruiting project (minimum commitment three months) to experience how our software platform builds recruiting success. There is a network of partners using Kaizen Recruit ready to help you with your outsourcing requirements. Please get in touch so that we can talk about your specific needs.


Kaizen Recruit allows you to provide exceptional services to your customers without having to worry about software and technical solutions excellence.


The Kaizen Recruit software is ideal for resellers looking to offer customers best-in-class software and a pricing and technology platform designed to help your business thrive. The Kaizen Recruit pricing for resellers allows you the opportunity to build a valuable business bringing the secrets of Kaizen Recruit to your customers. Please get in touch so that we can tell you more.

Manage Customers With Ease

Own the relationship with your customers. Sell products, manage software contracts and track all relevant metrics for each account directly.

Real-time Revenue Tracking

See across all your revenue streams and track historical trends on the easy to use dashboard.

Quick-Launch Contracts

Partners are provided with preset contracts for the products offered to customers to minimize friction in the sales process. Customers get instant access to their products after a contract is created in the partner administration tool.

Customizable and Secure

The partner administration tools are customizable and access controlled, ensuring partner companies and staff can only see information they have been granted access by customers. All actions in the administration tools are logged for auditing.

Provide Outstanding Support

Partners can step in for their customers to provide support directly to HR team members and candidates.