Manage Candidate Referrals With Ease

Referrals are tough to track, but with Kaizen Recruit you can solicit candidate referrals from employees and recruitment agencies through a dedicated referral portal.

Referral portal

In KAIZEN RECRUIT ATS, you have access to a referral portal where third-party recruiting agencies and your own employees can refer candidates to both live and internal positions. The portal is accessible with its own URL that you can share with everyone.

Easy to use and manage

For ease of management, you can allow an entire email domain to send you referrals, so you don’t have to manage each recruiter in every company separately. You can also set which positions will be available for them to refer to, and change the settings or revoke access at any time.

Referral ownership management

If you require agencies to have an ownership period for submitted candidates, you can set a period with the click of a button. After it’s set, other agencies cannot refer the same candidate twice during that period.

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