Hands-Off Scheduling in Kaizen Recruit ATS

Save on average 30 minutes scheduling each interview by letting candidates choose the time that suits them the best, directly booking everyone’s calendar.

Schedule interviews directly in work calendars

Check real-time availability and schedule interviews directly in your and your colleagues’ calendars.  Calendars sync automatically when applicants select an interview time.  KAIZEN RECRUIT ATS integrates with Google Calendar, Office 365, Exchange and other popular email and calendar services. We offer an API for developers and resellers looking to extend our software and connect it to other world-class systems.

Synchronized and integrated

Interviewers’ real-time calendar availability is visible to all team members so that interviews can be scheduled directly within KAIZEN RECRUIT ATS. Calendars are updated automatically when candidates confirm interview times. For email efficiency, KAIZEN RECRUIT ATS provides a vast collection of email templates you can easily customize. You choose when candidates receive pre-drafted email responses as they progress through the recruiting process.

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