Speed Up Your Interview Pipeline with Pre-Recorded Video Interviewing

Get a first impression of candidates before committing to interviews, saving you time and money.

Save money and time

It’s hard to assess a candidate based on their resume alone; first-round interviews are costly and take too much time. Pre-recorded video interviewing in KAIZEN RECRUIT ATS gives you the chance to gain a deeper understanding of each candidate, giving you a side-by-side view of their recorded video answers to your questions while looking at their resume.

Built-in, not an afterthought

With Kaizen Recruit, video interviews are deeply integrated in the system so you can add into your hiring process seamlessly. KAIZEN RECRUIT video interviewing can also be used as a stand alone product for those situations when you need to process many candidates quickly and video is just the right tool for the job. Today, more than ever, the world of business is done on mobile phones. The KAIZEN RECRUIT Mobile Video Interview apps allows your candidates to participate in video interviews using their mobile devices.

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